Architect, urban planner, but also designer and visual artist through a wide range of media (drawing, painting, sculpture, etc.), Pierre Lallemand approaches and resolves the technical, economic and ecological complexities inherent to design in many different area, such as furniture, bicycles (Ecce Cycles), exoskeletons, boats (Ionic), lights (Moonlight Design and Schreder), luggage and cars (ICare).

Renowned for his genuine curiosity about perception and concerns for the future of society, in some 25 years, Pierre Lallemand has put his name to over 1.000.000 square meters of buildings including legendary edifices such as the renovation of the Berlaymont – the European Commission headquarters, the Council of Europe’s Agora Building in Strasbourg, the Human Sciences Library and the Medicine Museum of Brussels and some of the most iconic towers of Brussels’ landscape. His signature and unique style have made him one of Belgium”s figureheads of architecture and design.

In all his creations, Pierre Lallemand was able to break loose from movements and establish himself in the art world through the sheer force of his art. Some of his pieces, Lallemand’s Possible Architectures, are in the permanent collection of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art s’ Architecture & Design section.

Inventor, creator, architect, designer, painter, problem solver, Pierre Lallemand is certainly all of the above, but more than anything, he is a dreamer eager to invent today’s and tomorrow’s world through art.

Mission & Committment

We truly believe that high-end furniture design comes with values. We are committed to develop unique designs, in an eco-friendly way of production while respecting ethical values such as human and labour rights and the use of sustainable materials. 
We strive to guarantee a 100% made in Europe production, fostering Belgian producers and manufacturers to reduce the environmental footprint of our products while providing the best quality of workmanship.