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The Limited

With his creations, Pierre Lallemand opens a dialogue between chair design and architecture. 
In this endeavour, Lallemand joined the most famous chair designers and conceived the Limited, a beech wood chair presenting a cubic shaped structure encasing a seat made of aluminum.

The Limited proposes an appealing handcrafted open silhouette lending a sense of visual lightness. While allowing the background behind the structure to remain visible, the design of the chair enables it to play its role in the aesthetics of the living space.

The design of this wood chair is versatile and makes it the perfect seat for the home :  in the living room, around the dinner table or at your personal desk as a modern office chair without wheels; for workplaces : in meeting rooms, as an executive chair, a luxurious conference chair, in restaurants or auditoriums.

Opium – Trendy colors!

Origin: European bullhides

Thickness: 1.0/1.2 mm

Surface: Pigmented nappa leather

Opium is a supple and elegant furniture leather with a smooth grain. This suppleness makes this leather ideal for complex upholstery. A resistant top layer makes this leather extremely suitable for intensive daily use. The raw material is European bull hide and guarantees an extremely good cutting yield. Opium meets the strictest European environmental standards.

How to maintain the leather?

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